past feature issues

2019.04.14 LION -sweets table-

2019.04.06 summer table of ice-cream brand -sweets-

2019.04.03 Luxe jewelry brand  -sweets gifts-

2019.03.27 event for moms -sweets table-

2019.03.07 milcare -catering, demonstration, decoration-

2019.02.14 Skincare Brand -sweets table-

2019.02.09 TWSA studio opening -sweets catering-

2019.02.01 SEVENTEEN Valentine's recipes

2018.12.20 Wedding cake for an actress

2018.12.13 Cuisinart sweets lesson

2018.11.12 tokyo flamingo party -sweets catering-

2018.10.8 Hair care brand -catering-

2018.10.05 KIDS BRAND -catering & workshop-

2018.09.22 PARTY PLANNER S.P.C.A. -catering & lecture-

2018.09.07 BEAUTY BRAND -catering and demonstration-

2018.08.21 CUISINART -cooking demonstration-

2018.06.30 COSMETICS BRAND -catering-

2018.06.24 PARTY PLANNER S.P.C.A. -catering & lecture-

2018.06.15-16 MOVING CEREMONY -catering-

2018.05.18-19 NANTUCKET BUCKET BRAND -catering-

2018.05.11 BABY BRAND -cake styling-

2018 HIGH TEA BRAND -cake styling-

2018.04.11 COMPANY ANNIVERSARY -catering-

2018.03.11 BABY SHOWER -catering-

2017.12.25 MUSIC BRAND -cake styling-

2017.12.13 FASHION BRAND -cake styling-

2017.12.06 COSMETIC BRAND -catering-

2017.12.05 EDUCATION COMPANY -produce-

2017.12.03 BABY BRAND -catering-

2017.11.26 NOEL! Christmas event -produce-

2017.10.13 WEDDING -order made cake-

2017.09.21 DRESS UP BOX -catering-

2017.08.22 PARK HYATT -kids workshop-

2017.05.16 WEDDING BRAND -cake styling-

2016 AUTOMAKERS -catering-



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